Downtown Mansfield

Artists Overview

Artists Overview


The Off the Grid Gallery© (OTGG) is a community art space located inside Dirty Job Brewing Company (DJB), 117 North Main Street, Mansfield, Texas 76063.  OTGG is produced and curated by Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMi), a non-profit organization which works toward the respectful revitalization of historic Downtown Mansfield.


Artists are invited to apply to display 2D works on one of twelve assigned 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall grid spaces.  Local artists will be given preference in selection.  Installation time slots may vary, at the sole discretion of the curators, by dates and duration, according to artist, season, subject and space.  Displaying artists must sign the Artist Agreement, which includes the OTGG Overview and Waiver documents.

Gallery Logistics

Artists are solely responsible for transportation, mounting and demounting of their art. There is no room for on-site for storage of packing crates or materials. All art must be wired and/or ready to hang on provided S-hooks. Artists must ask specific permission to mount any piece that weighs more than 25 LBS.

Artists works must fit  inside their assigned 4 ft. x 4 ft. space with a 2 inch clear lane around the perimeter.  Artists may request an adjacent  4 ft. x 4 ft. space  if their pieces are large in scale. Signage to identify an artist’s space must be 8 inches high x 16 inches long or 12 inches square and must be provided by the artist  Artists may NOT decorate or outline their space with ribbons, lights etc. without the express permission of the curators.

Artist must use the provided tags to identify their pieces. Tags and inventory sheets must show artist’s initials, assigned grid number followed by piece number.  (Ex: If your space is grid 4 (and your initials are DM), number your pieces/tags “DM4-001, DM4-002. DM4-003”, etc.). Artists will print a photo(s) of all their installed art and write on the photo the artist’s name, piece sales price and piece number (for ease of identification at point-of-sale).  Inventory sheets may contain multiple pieces (and photos).

Artists will be assigned time slots for display. All art must be installed within 24 hours of a start time and must be completely removed within 24 hours of an end time. Sales will be entered onto inventory sheets when sales occur.  Payment will be disbursed to an artist after all their pieces have been removed, at end of their assigned time slot.  

Art is displayed at OTGG at the sole risk of each artist, and neither the owners/staff of DJB nor the Board or volunteers of DMi will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the artists’ works.  


OTGG works on a consignment basis only. Artists will price their works to include a 15% commission – which pays 5% to Dirty Job Brewing (DJB) for on-site space and point-of-sale, and 10% to Downtown Mansfield, Inc. as a donation to help us continue to revitalize Downtown Mansfield.

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