Downtown Mansfield


New App for Historic Downtown Mansfield, Texas

September 18, 2017

MANSFIELD, TEXAS —  Downtown Mansfield, Inc. is today launching a smart phone app, Downtown Mansfield - The App, the definitive way to connect to Mansfield’s historic Downtown area.

The App, which is available in the Apple iTunes app store and the Android Google Play store, is full of features allowing users to discover Downtown businesses and services, including restaurants, breweries, boutiques, galleries, and more.  Users can also locate and learn about Downtown parks, trails, events, art, historical sites and much more.

“I am proud to introduce the only app for historic Downtown Mansfield ,” said Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMi) President Dave Goodwin. We did a great deal of research when creating this tool, and we believe that it really outshines most of the apps for small cities. You can find just about every element in a small city within Downtown Mansfield.”

A fun element in The App, designed for both visitors and residents, is the many curated scavenger hunts.  Goodwin comments, “The Scavenger Hunts are location-aware tours that lead you to historical events, buildings, even ghostly stories. You can also create your own Hunt in The App.”

Various resource areas of interest within The App include:

Locate - Find Downtown businesses and services, including retail, restaurants, breweries, bakeries, boutiques, churches, fitness, galleries - even parking lots.

Explore - Explore and learn about Mansfield’s beautiful parks, trails, street art, many historic sites, and take themed Scavenger Hunts or create your own Hunts.

Events - Keep up with all of the events in Downtown, from  festivals and concerts to wine walks and trivia nights. 

Learn - Read informative articles on Downtown history, people of interest and the unique urban ecosystem.

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMi) is a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) organization created to promote, support, and encourage the revitalization and historic relevance of historic Downtown Mansfield, TX.

Dave Goodwin