Downtown Mansfield

Install the New Skill

Alexa app home screen

Alexa app home screen

open the Alexa App

Open the Alexa app on your TV, phone, tablet or other device. Click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the app or the App menu on your TV.

Don’t have the Alexa app? Just get it from the Apple app store or the Google store. If you have a FireStick or a Fire TV, you are already using a version of the Alexa app - it’s how you navigate your Fire TV. Just go to the Apps menu on your TV.

If you have Echo devices, Amazon music, etc. you probably already have the Alexa app on at least one of your devices. Open the app on your device and find and click your Menu icon.


go to skills & games to enable the new skill

Once in the Skills & Games area, you can search for “Mansfield Texas Events” to find the new skill.


the new skill

Once you enable the new Skill, it should appear when you click on Your Skill within the Alexa App. If you are doing this using your TV, look under Your Apps.

You can trigger your 30-second update by asking Alexa using phrases that contain “my news” or “Flash briefing“. For example:
”Alexa, what’s my news?”

“Alexa, play my news.”

“Alexa, play my flash briefing.”

Our new skill does not have to replace your existing Flash Briefing(s). Just add it to your Briefings, and these commands will play your Briefings plus our new Skill.

Of course, if you have named your device as “Echo” instead of “Alexa'“, always start your commands and requests with the correct name.